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How Would You Post Bond In A Criminal Case?

If you are among those unfortunate ones caught up in certain criminal case and are imprisoned, then you would want to find out about how would you post bond in a criminal case.

Okay, posting of the bail bond is usually done before somebody who has been arrested is released from jail before the start of the trial. But this won't always take place. First of all, not every person who is detained is put in prison. Minor criminal offenses and traffic offences and in a few States, even drug ownership are dealt with by issuing a ticket to the culprit and asking her / him to come in courtroom. Often, you are not even issued the ticket; you pay the fine without delay and are let off. Then you can pay the fine before your court appearance and therefore not show up at all.

But if you are imprisoned then you should ascertain the bail money you might need. Many people are unaware of the procedure included and may not have the cash on them. In case you are in Cleveland and have been imprisoned, you may need to call a Cleveland Law Firm or attain the expertise of an individual for example Attorney Joseph Patituce to get you from prison in the shortest possible time.

The bail amount is generally unknown. For more intense offenses or felonies, where the amount of money is confirmed by the magistrate, it gets all the more critical for the offender to make plans at the soonest so as to get free from jail. If he is incapable to do so, he would probably have to stay in jail till the next court date is available. This could be extremely distressing for anybody.

The bail bond amount is directly proportional to the extent of the crime done usually. This amount is decided and needs to be compensated so that you go back to court to fight the case at the appointed date and not try to escape.

You can pay the bail by yourself or get it bought through the bail bondsman for an amount and this is usually 10% of the amount you are paying as bail. Often, you may be asked for some security so as to convince the bail bondsman that you will definitely appear in court on the date offered and accepted. The bond amount often might be just too massive for you to tolerate by yourself and that is where the bondsmen come into play.

There could be no doubt the perfect alternative is the one where you get released due to own recognizance. Here, no need to pay bail and can go after only signing a declaration that you are going to return to attend court on the announced date. However since that's not available for everyone, you have to take the help of a Cleveland law firm or somebody like Attorney Joseph Patituce to help you to post bond via their properly qualified and knowledgeable bondsmen.